Quick Service Point of Sale

The LIONWISE™ Quick Service POS (Point-of-Sale) solution allows orders to be taken quickly and accurately, with any item or function to be accessed in as little as two touches of the screen. Ideal for counter service, fast-casual, and take-out operations, the LIONWISE system allows business owners/managers to manage costs, identify and correct errors, and track inventory properly and efficiently.

Featuring a refreshingly simple and intuitive design, the LIONWISE software ensures that staff can easily, and effectively utilize the system without excessive training or expertise. LIONWISE helps you manage your quick service restaurant business more profitably with comprehensive reporting capabilities, providing up to the minute visibility into daily sales, open checks, employee performance, and menu item and inventory consumption.

By utilizing LIONWISE, owners and operators the controls to manage a more efficient operation by streamlining operations helping to reduce errors and increase efficiency.