Apparel Point of Sale

The LIONWISE™ Point-of-Sale (POS) apparel solution meets the needs of a wide range of clothing and apparel operations including clothing stores, shoe stores, accessory boutiques and more. Offering a powerful feature set that allows flexibility while still remaining easy to install and maintain, staff can quickly and easily process large volumes of sales orders rapidly for improved customer service and increased profitability.

The LIONWISE system reduces the steps required to process an order at check out, and offers complete flexibility in payment options including: secure credit card authorization, gift cards, gift certificates, house account, and cash tender transactions. The LIONWISE retail interface provides intuitive, rapid entry of items for quick and accurate customer check-out, allowing you to handle peak customer traffic volumes.

By utilizing LIONWISE POS, you will have the ability to spend less time behind the counter ringing up sales and more time interacting with your clients on the sales floor, while still retaining controls over your business.